I spoke with Janie Borden, Assist. Corporation Counsel for the City Of Charleston Legal Department on Friday regarding the bicycle and sidewalk ordinance. It was not in print form and available for the public at that time; however, she promised to send it to me by Monday, Oct 11, 2010 which she has done. Please find it below this post. She said only two sidewalks in the peninsula have been delegated for bicycle and pedestrians, Lockwood Ave. from Brittlebank Park to its end except for the area under the James Island parkway (which is below the required eight foot width and requires dismounting) and East Bay St. from the Ravenel Bridge to where ever the sidewalk narrows to less than eight feet. This sidewalk is 12′ wide from the start at the Ravenel to the Texico station.The ordinance also states that signs will identify sidewalks that are permitted for bicycle use.
All the personnel I’ve communicated with at the city on this matter have been most helpful. I believe Joe Riley and the city really wants to get these issues with the bicycle community right. I urge all those who are interested in bringing about a change to let the city leaders know your concerns, as any changes may affect others for generations to come. Appreciate the efforts of Charleston Moves in this matter and the good example they have set by pressing forward but with a spirit of cooperation and courtesy. What do you think about this ordinance? Is it fair ? Do we need more rules?

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