The new bicycle ordinance has eliminated the requirement for a for a sign to be posted where cyclists and pedestrians share a path.It now says it has to be designated by the traffic and Transportation a shared use path measuring 8′. However, there are two signs posted on the East Bay sidewalk which are needed.The photo above was taken from the corner of Chapel St. and East Bay looking North. I surveyed the other two roads, Lockwood and Murray Blvd. whose sidewalks have been designated by the traffic and transportation department as shared-use paths. The Murray Blvd. sidewalk is difficult to walk on because of the uneveness of the surface, much less ride a bike. However, the Lockwood section which goes from the marina to Broad St. is not signed but is designated and can be used. Mentioned today to Janie Borden, legal dept. for the city, that it would make sense to have a sign there because visitors who come to Charleston by boat may be better off riding their bikes on the sidewalk rather than Lockwood. She asked me to send the photo of the sign to her which she would pass on to the Traffic and Transportation Dept.

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