Charleston Bicycle Ordinance – update

The new ordinance which is posted below on this page revised the former bicycle ordinance as it pertains to licenses according to the legal department at the city. The former ordinance which is still showing at this time on the city web site says”… bicycles shall be registered….” whereas the new ordinance says “…bicycles may be registered…”.
Though registeration is not required for your bicycle ,if it is stolen you will need to prove to city police dept. that you own the bike. For $1.00 it seems like a prudent thing to do if you live down town or ride there often.
Update regarding bicycles on sidewalks in the pennisula city according to the legal dept at the city:
presently there are three sidewalks where bikes are permitted, not two as reported. The addition is at the Battery on the harbor side of the street from White Point Gardens to the Coast Guard Station.
Also,the section from the Ravenel starts where the delineated white stripe stops (corner of E. Bay and Cooper St.) and goes for .55 miles to the corner of E. Bay and Chapel St.There is a sign at the start and finish with a picture of a bike and the words “yield to pedestrians”.

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